Let’s just be honest – I need some icons. This pictureless existence
really isn’t doing it for me. It’s bland and somewhat depressing to see an
empty gray box next to my name. Yet the world of premade icons by the
hordes seems to me…less…than it was a good eight to ten years ago. Or maybe
I just don’t remember how to find them anymore. That’s entirely possible as

I remember community after community offering icons galore back in the day
of livejournal. There was never a lack of icons. In fact, you could have
one for every whim and mood that you might have. It was *hard* to only
select the 100 or so you were limited too with your available icon space.
Even more, there were communities full of tutorials on how to create your
own icons using various graphic softwares that were available at the time.
Is that still true for the world of dreamwidth/insanejournal/livejournal
now, or has that all gone to the wayside?

If it has gone to the wayside, that’s kind of depressing. There was
something to be said for writing your thoughts and ideas down, picking the
perfect icon to go with it, and sharing it to your online friends list. Did
this icon express what I was feeling/thinking accurately or was I just
being melodramatic? Would people get as much of a kick out of my new
icon(s) as I was or were they just stupid? So many questions tied into one
100x100 image.

So, people of Dreamwidth I ask, are there still icon communities out there,
or do we have to make our own? And if that is the case, what exactly do we
use to create them now?

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Date: 2017-01-16 06:32 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] katiedid717
katiedid717: (Default)
I definitely remember icons being a huge thing many years ago. Now I just use pictures I've stolen from my instagram, haha. Which reminds me, I need to do that...


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