Autumn Dreams ([personal profile] autumndreams) wrote2017-01-15 08:55 pm


Alright, I guess I can't say that I've wasted today as I did earlier. Yes, I may have slept late and taken an almost two hour nap today, but tonight I've gotten a lot done. Finished my course and though I didn't pass the quiz, it showed me what I need to study again to retake it in a week. What I think I need to do is buy a notebook and take notes while watching the lectures. That will let me review the notes before taking the quizzes.

Now I think I need to set up mom's medicine for the week.
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[personal profile] katiemarie 2017-01-16 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
It is good to feel accomplished and getting things done for the day :) my naps are normally an hour or 2 long :)